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What is Start Living Healthy ?

Start Living Healthy is the Hawaii State Department of Health's (DOH) statewide health promotion campaign. Funded with Tobacco Settlement funds, this multimedia educational campaign, with partnerships in both the private and public sectors, is designed to provide the people of Hawaii with easy to understand information on healthy living.

To contact the Healthy Hawaii Initiative e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Healthy Hawaii Initiative

For ten years, the Healthy Hawaii Initiative (HHI) has been supporting healthy lifestyles by implementing policies and programs to create sustainable changes in Hawaii’s communities, schools and workplaces. Launched in 2000, HHI is a statewide effort focused on reducing three core behaviors that contribute to chronic disease: smoking, inactivity and poor diet. HHI has made significant strides in helping Hawaii’s residents lead healthy lives, and it has been recognized for its success as a comprehensive public sector prevention program.

Education Campaigns

Fruits and Veggies. Good Choice!
Encourages adults to eat one more serving of fruit and one more serving of vegetables every day.

Step It Up Hawaii
Encourages adults to walk at least 30 minutes on five days a week.

You Gotta Start Somewhere
Focused on taking small, achievable steps toward healthier lifestyles.

1% or Less is Best
Encouraged Hawaii's residents to reduce their fat intake by switching from drinking whole and 2% milk to 1% and skim milk.


The Healthy Hawaii Initiative's structure is based on the social-ecological model to affect behavior change at multiple levels of society (individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and societal). The Healthy Hawaii Initiative is made up of five interrelated components: 


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