Giving employees access to healthy food during the work day is a smart choice for any business or worksite. Why? Because having healthy employees leads to increased productivity, less sick time and, ultimately, lower healthcare costs. It has also been shown to increase employee morale…and happy employees are good for everyone!

The Choose Healthy Now! Healthy Vending Project increases consumer choice by expanding access to healthy snack and drink options. Worksite snack shops, cafeterias, and vending machines can now identify healthier items by labeling them with green (“Go!”) or yellow (“Slow”) stickers, and unhealthy items with a red sticker (“Uh-Oh”).

Download the “Choose Healthy Now! Coding Summary” for more information.
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If you are an employer interested in implementing Choose Healthy Now!   at your business or worksite, you can download the stickers, posters, and other project materials from the Employer’s Toolkit below. Click on any of the links or images below to download the toolkit material.

Posters & Signs

Logos & Stickers

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What are employees saying about Choose Healthy Now!  ?

“The signs kind of told me which things to stay away from, because I was real surprised that the trail mix was really not healthy.”

“It makes you stop and think a little bit before you make a choice.”

“[Eating healthy] fuels your body so that you have more energy and can think clearer.”