Healthy Eating can be easy. A small change in your dietary habits can have a big effect on your health. Take a look at our catalog of healthy recipes below.

Bara Sushi Recipe

This Bara Sushi recipe is not only simple and delicious, it can be whipped up in a snap!

Vegetable Panini Recipe

This is a very quick and easy recipe anyone can do. Any of the ingredients can be substituted for your favorites and can be prepared well ahead of time.

Apple Butter Recipe

This homemade recipe is a healthy alternative to using Butter, Apple Sauce or Apple Butter!

Apple Butter Pork Loin Recipe

This delicious entrée has been adapted from a recipe featured on Dita Holifield's "Entertaining in Paradise" TV show.

Creamy Fruit Salad Recipe

An easy and delicious fruit salad recipe!

Island Breeze Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is quick, easy and very refreshing!

Spinach Dip Recipe


This easy Spinach Dip recipe makes for a great snack or appetizer!

Chicken Chili Recipe

A delicious and hearty chicken chili recipe the whole family will love!

Apple Oatmeal Recipe

This breakfast oatmeal recipe is sweet, tasty, simple to make and packed with food that is good for you!

`Aukai’s Salmon Recipe

A light and flavorful Salmon recipe that is very easy to make.